Film and Photoshoot

With our unique and inspiring venues, we are offering photogenic spaces containing lots of daylight in order to create the perfect picture. It is not just about booking the location. All our venues contain their own unique atmosphere and experience. A warm and homely feeling and eye for detail are two elements in which we can certainly surprise you. Are you a photographer, art director, movie-television direction, looking for a special location in the city center of Amsterdam? A location which exceeds the image that you have in mind for your production or shoot? Please have a look at one of our venues in our menu!


Everything is possible at our venues, we have many different suppliers who are able to arrange anything for you regarding technique, light and furniture. We have a look of equipment ourselves, but are more than willing to find the perfect fit for you and arrange the best solution. We offer you a high quality WiFi network exclusively for the venue. Our WiFi specialist is able to help you regarding any detail in order to succeed your livestream. We hope to offer you fiber connection mid 2022.