This is the second yoga studio we did for Delight Yoga in Amsterdam. Now, this project came with a few challenges, which all turned out very well in the end. We wanted to create two studios in this venue. First we had to fully strip the place. So we decided to lower the floors to create extra height, giving the space a more grand and open feeling. During this project, we made it a sport to use as many second hand building materials as possible. So we built a table with oak beams from an old French train carriage. Oui. The floors in the dressing rooms and the bar are all covered by used woods. One detail we’re particularly proud of, is that all the sinks in the building are made from singing bowls normally used for meditation.


The Loft is our periodically recurring conceptual pop-up store. It was our first interior event, so we wanted to express our values with our choice of products. We’re particularly fond of natural materials like wood, steel, leather, glass, wool and ceramics. These materials tell a lot about the love and attention invested in a product. It shows its age and origin, its history, the way it was crafted. That’s why we like objects made by people, not by machines. The Loft project was picked up by national and international media, giving us many visitors and subsequently a splendid way to spend the summer.


What used to be an old carpenters workshop, is now a serene yoga studio. This was quite a challenge, as one might be able to imagine. We felt very lucky to have the amazing roof lights in the grand backroom. But that was about it. We completely stripped the place and started adding warmth and light. Delight Yoga is a contemporary yoga studio which values aesthetics and atmosphere, so we gave the space a warm and natural feel using a lot bamboo, wood, concrete, steel and marble. The concrete floor was chemically oxidized which gave the floor a surprisingly nice pattern.

In this Amsterdam home, we wanted to preserve the original elements, yet we wanted to create a contemporary look and feel. First we rearranged the spaces completely, adjusting it so to fit a young family. The starting point for this rearrangement were the six windows overlooking the Amstel Canal. The balconies have been made safe and child friendly – yet aesthetically well executed. Regarding the interior, we worked hand in hand with the owners. One of the rooms is fully soundproof, so you can watch movies like you’re in the cinema and show off the maximum volume of your sound system without disturbing the neighbors.

The plan for tonight: take a stroll through the Vondelpark at sundown. Take in the autumn colours, the falling leaves and the last birds singing goodbye before they head for warmer places. Don’t do this on your own – you should have a reservation at restaurant Willems for two. Or four. Six. Doesn’t matter. You’ll have a nice evening. We did the restaurant’s interior styling – from its chairs to the menus – in collaboration with Delight Agency. Make sure to check out the photo wall too. A plain and honest style, just like their food. From Amsterdam – with taste.

This was our first project – the former faculty of physics of the University of Amsterdam. We created a split level that could accommodate groups up to 18 people in a boardroom setting. The ground floor featured a greenhouse-like space with enormous windows facing the water, letting in heaps of natural light. We really wanted to create an atmosphere where people would feel comfortable and at home, so we created a cosy corner with a fireplace. A truly lovely venue which enabled us to break with the traditional arrangement of meeting spaces and inspired us to do what we do!