About The Playing Circle

The Playing Circle is not about inspiring places. It’s about inspiring people.

A place without people will never be inspiring to anyone. That’s why The Playing Circle is always in search of new ways and places to play.

We create atmospheres where people feel comfortable and at home. That’s how their creativity comes to full bloom. It’s the sheer contrast to your daily practice. It’s the days of play that lead to perfection.

Cities have always had a magical attraction to artists, great minds and innovators. They are the sources of innovation and the places where creativity comes alive.

The space in which a meeting takes place is of great influence on the creative thinking process.

Our meeting spaces are characterized by their stylish interiors, where people feel right at home and barriers are broken.

We create the ideal conditions to get the maximum result out of your meeting, brainstorm or presentation.
Together with our staff, caterers and suppliers we ensure that  your meeting is arranged in every detail. Based on your aims and desires, we select the ideal location for your meeting and we provide all the required service and audio-visual support.

The Playing Circle distinguishes itself through the combination of unique locations, extensive services and professional support, so that the group can fully focus on the essence of your meeting.

All our services are optional. You can organize your meeting exactly as you please. We gladly discuss all possibilities with you.