Our interior design by Enter the Loft

Enter the Loft, our sister company, is an online boutique store for home goods made with love and attention. They search the globe for the most talented artists and craftsmen and bring you their finest creations. They create atmospheres where people feel comfortable and at home. Their online boutique is here to inspire you on how to solve your interior puzzle. You’ll surely find something you love.

Enter The Loft and The Playing Circle share a common passion: seeing spaces work their magic on people. Enter The Loft combines natural materials with soft colours and characteristic furnishings, along with inspiring accessories. Meanwhile, The Playing Circle focuses on the transformative power of spaces, seeking new ways and places to play, fostering creativity, and recognising the enchanting allure of cities as source of innovation and creativity. Together, these Enter the Loft and The Playing Circle embrace the synergy of craftsmanship, creativity, and the shared vision of making spaces not just beautiful but also inspiring and comfortable.